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tv   FOX5 News at 500pm  FOX  November 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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survive. i'm christine maddela. i'm john huck. tonight ... we live in a country -- moving forward. president elect donald trump... and hillary clinton... are looking ahead after a tense night in america that marked a major shift in our system. a political outsider elected to run the country.... with 279 electoral votes to clinton's 228. the scenes of last night and this morning... leaving all the pollsters and experts wrong t clinton would be the first woman to lead the nation. while she acknowledged the pain of this particular defeat, she called on supporters to accept trump and give him a chance. (hillary clinton/former secretary of state) "this is painful and it will be for a long time, but i want you to remember this. our campaign was never about one person or even one election, it was about the country we love and about building an america that's hopeful,
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clinton's speech this morning came after supporters were told to go home last night-- and several delays this morning. in his acceptance speech, donald trump promised to deal fairly with everyone and all other nations... to seek common ground... not conflict. (donald trump/president elect) "now it's time for american to bind the wounds of all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation, i say it is time for us to come together as one united people." donald trump will become the 45th president of the united states. trump's inauguration will take place on january 20th, 2017. nevada governor brian sandoval -- who pulled his endorsement from trump weeks ago-- issued this statement today saying quote: "following a long and spirited election, we must now unite, celebrate the strength of our democracy, and support our new
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donald j. trump." despite the message of positivity... there have been a number of protests today from los angeles to new york. right now you're taking a live look over chicago where people have gathered around the trump building there to protest... we'll have a look at the other demonstrations coming up at 5:30 here in nevada-- the law is changing about marijuana... and come january 1 it will be legal to possess and use recreationally... but lawyers say it may be a while before you are able to legally buy it in nevada. fox5's eric hilt is live in the newsroom with what comes next in the process to legalize pot. the next step is the legalization of possession which happens in january... but after that the timeline for legalization gets a little hazy "obviously the majority of nevada are very excited
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that opportunity -- to smoke, tax and sell marijuana. but there are still questions about how question two will be put into place. "at this point its still business as usual, we're waiting to hear from the state and then we'll proceed as soon as we get direction from them." the first direction for nevadans is that starting in january people over 21 can legally have marijuana... but you won't be able to buy or sell recreational pot until after the state sets up its regulations. "they'll be able to use it starting january first, but where are they going to buy it...and those are the rules and regulations that come into play between january 1 2017 and january 1 2018, how they buy it, how its produced, how its distributed" some of those regulations are already hammered out... you can't smoke in public, you can't drive under the influence and if your apartment or work has rules against smoking or drugs -- those still apply. but lawyers say there's still a lot more that has to bet set on the selling side. "every specific is
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t's crossed, the i's dotted, they have to run it through the whole process from seed to sale essentially" those rules have to be set before january 1st 2018....and after they're set, dispensaries can apply for licesnses to sell recreational pot...another process that he says will take some time. "it would probably be another six months to twelve months until you can start buying cannibis at a dispensary after january 2018" but even though it could be months away -- dispensaries say they're looking forward to the new industry. "we are ready to move full steam ahead" it will probably be another six months to twelve months timeline in perspective -- coplorado legalized recreational pot in 2012 -- and sales started in 2014. some things that lawyers said will help nevada along with this process are that the state already has medical marijuana, they can look to states who have legalized it already like colorado, and nevada already has experience regulating unique industries with gambling and prostitution.
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election, recreational marijuana was legal in four states-- alaska, colorado, oregon and washington. after last night, three more states, the silver state included, were added to that list. the other two are california and massachusetts. arizona rejected its measure and maine was still too close to call this afternoon. a federal ban on the drug prohibits the interstate sale of cannabis, even among the states that have approved its use. but tuesday's votes created a marijuana region stretc the west coast -- and gavin newsom, the lieutenant governor of california -- said he is now looking to "coordinate and collaborate" with neighboring states on the issue.... to apply pressure in washington to relax the federal ban. question one -- the initiative to close the "loophole" in background checks -- passed yesterday in nevada by less than half a percentage point. fox5's adam herbets is live at "the gun store" on tropicana to explain what
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well what happens next is complicated because as we've been telling you since before yesterday election day this was one of the most complex and controversial issues on the ballot it didn't take affect last night at midnight it doesn't take affect on january 1 the people here who voted no on question one say this probably won't go into effect until all of the nevada lawmakers meet iron out the exact specific details that correspond to what the people voted on and then it will go to the governor to sign now you might remember governor sandoval wanted people to vote no on question one he was completely against it so were a lot of sheriffs in nevada but not our sheriff joe lombardo we asked him for a comment today he has remained neutral throughout this entire process he didn't want to talk to us but the district attorney in clark county
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his argument is that if this saves just one life it will be worth it if someone who was about to commit a murder somehow got past the background checks at a gun show or buying online then this is worth it and when we spoke to the people here today they had an argument against that point if we reduce the national speed limit to 25mph it will save hundredsf thousands of lives every year. agree? he said well yeah. it would. but we can't do that. i've arrested many many criminals. and criminals will go wherever they can and whatever is easier for them. the big argument against question one has always been that criminals don't get guns at gun shows they don't get guns at a gun shop... they get their weapons through the black market and even if they did fail a background check or were denied again here they're not going to just
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that's why they say this this only hurts law-abiding responsible gun owners and now they're going to have to go through a lot more red tape... they're going to have to spend more money... if they're going to buy a gun live at the gun store adam herbets fox 5 news local las vegas all four questions on the nevada ballot were approved-- including a question here in clark county pertaining to fuel revenue indexing. question three changed the state constitution to allow more energy choice-- and question four made it so some medical equipment will be tax free. catherine cortez masto is back in politics-- beating republican joe
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"this isn't my win, this is our win (cheers) we did this together" cortez masto got 47 percent of the vote compared to heck's almost 45- percent. in a statement, heck congratulated his opponent on a hard fought race... and said for months he met patriotic americans from all over the state... and his life is better for it. former mexican president vicente fox said today he was "shocked by the news" of trump's election win .. he also said his country would never pay for trump's proposed wall on the us- mexico border to keep out illegal immigrants. "what we have to do it's deal with him now and deal with the trading issue and the wall issue. of course, mexico will never pay for that (bad word) wall". nevada is home to a large immigrant population. immigration was a
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and the two candidates put forth much different proposals. we checked in with people on both sides of the immigration debate, since trump won the presidency. " 2351 you have no idea. i've been working the border btwn mexico and the us for the past 10 years. begging for someone to step up to the plate, to stop the nonsense going on (robert crooks (butt with) ( 1109 cullinary union election presser raw jwe) 2023 folks have a lot of questions, there are a lot of unknowns about donald trump. here's a guy who at one point was a democrat, is not a republican, and has said outlandish, sexist and awful things throughout the course of the campaign so folks have no idea wat to expect under a trump presidency (yvanna cancela " the culinary union and immigration rights organizations tell fox5 they are celebrating nevada's high voter turnout among hispanics, and key democratic wins in the house and senate. you can see 'the border' a fox5 special report on immigration on the home page of our website and fox5 mobile app.
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besides a few high clouds drifting across the valley this morning, skies have been mainly sunny with temperatures pushing record highs in las vegas wednesday afternoon. for the fourth day in a row, mccarran airport has made it into the 80s; well abo average high of 70 degrees for this time of year. skies will stay mainly clear tonight with low temperatures falling into the 50s. we'll keep it mostly sunny thursday and friday with highs in the mid to upper 70s. a few more clouds will be moving in for saturday with temperatures holding in the mid 70s. we'll keep it in the 70s through early next week before a cold front moves in wednesday. this
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down into the upper 60s with gusty winds picking up across the valley. an eight year old accidentally shot by her dad. charges that man is now facing... and how the gun went off. and a happy homecoming for a local soldier. how he surprised his kids at school today. plus, an update on the condition of once conjoined twins... now that they're healing from the difficult surgery that
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a father was manipulating a gun when police say he shot his 8-year-old daughter in the chest. 31-year-old zachary cory is now under arrest for child abuse and neglect. this happened around ten last night at a home near pecos and carey. the little girl was taken to the hospital in serious condition, but was stable. a 47-year-old woman found dead inside a home in north las vegas has yet to be identified. police are still investigating and believe the shooting is domestic related. it happened last night near centennial and lamb. two people were home at the time. police said at the time that they weren't searching for a suspect, but they are still investigating who shot the woman. parents...teacher s...and students are getting together today to protest outside of monaco middle school. this is a live look
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the protestors are against the schools consideration to be a part of the achievement school district. if the school is chosen to be a part of that district-- monaco middle school will still be a part of c-c-s- d. but-- they will be run by a private charter school company. last week-- the legislative commission decided not to take a vote on the new regulations being proposed. the rally was set to start just moments ago. about 150 nevada national guard soldiers returned to las vegas from they spent nine months on deployment... and all returned safely today to family and friends happily awaiting their arrival at mccarran. and one of those members surprised his two daughters... who didn't know he'd be at their school to help their mom pick them up... for the first time in almost a year. "i hope they're just going to run into my arms and just give me big hugs and kisses. that's what i'm hoping for just reconnection, reconnection. "
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what he got. he walked out on to the playground at lamb of god luthern school with arms extended... and received this. " " such a sweet welcome home.. we want to thank all of the 17th sustainment we want to thank all of the 17th sustainment brigade for their service... and wish them a very warm welcome back to nevada! now fox5 weather 24/7 with meterologist sam argier besides a few high clouds drifting across the valley this morning, skies have been mainly sunny with temperatures pushing record highs in las vegas
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fourth day in a row, mccarran airport has made it into the 80s; well above the average high of 70 degrees for this time of year. skies will stay mainly clear tonight with low temperatures falling into the 50s. we'll keep it mostly sunny thursday and friday with highs in the mid to upper 70s. a few more clouds will be moving in for saturday with temperatures holding in the mid 70s. we'll keep it in the 70s through
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moves in wednesday. this will knock high temperatures down into the upper 60s with gusty winds picking up across the valley. closed captioning
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closed captioning will resume shortly an update on the twins conjoined at birth. how they're doing after the surgery that separated them a few weeks ago. and cancer deaths are increasing in women. what's behind the uptick.
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doctor treating the once- conjoined twins separated last month says the boys are doing better than expected. jadon and anias mcdonald were born joined at the top of their heads. the 13-month-old twins underwent a 27-hour surgery last month to be separated. the lead neurosurgeon for their case tells c-n-n that the children are progressing "right on target, if not ahead of schedule." both boys have had their breathing tubes removed since the operation. jadon suffered a partial paralysis of his left side after the surgery... but has since regained full functionality. anias suffered seizures after the surgery... but medication is keeping them check. in fact-- doctor james goodrich says the twins are doing so well he hopes that in coming weeks they
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hospital for a rehabilitation center. the number of women dying from cancer is expected to more than double wolrdwide in the next 14 years. that disturbing find comes from a new report by the american cancer society. kim hutcherson has the details. according to the american cancer society 5-point-5 million women are expected to die from cancer by the year 20-30 that's a 60-percent increase in less than 20 years breast cancer is the deadliest form of cancer among women rates of breast ca hugely dependent on early detection and treatment survival rates also vary greatly from country to country the u-s has seen a 20 percent drop in cancer incidences and mortality rates since 1991 that is thanks to better tobacco control and medical treatment the american cancer society says the massive increase in deaths will mostly come from low and middle income countries where access to health care is less widespred- doctors are urging developing countries to take some basic steps to curb the trend they say promoting self-examinations and campaigning against smoking can be helpful
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more coming up in the second half of fox5 news at 5. students protest in los angeles... and tonight hundreds take to the streets in new york. reaction across the country to donald trump's
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thanks for joining us for your only local news at 5:30. we want to show you some live pictures of protests going on right now... as a result of trump being elected president this is in


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